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Not all hockey development centers are created the same. Over the course of the last 20 years, an idea has been developing to create a hockey training program that would foster a deeper meaning and understanding of what the game of hockey truly has to offer. That idea was...

S C H O O L  OF  H O C K E Y

With so many multi-sport training facilities opening up today, we stand TRUE to our ROOTS and focus in on the ONE game we love more than all, HOCKEY!!! We are the ONLY year round hockey specific training center located in and around the Philadelphia area solely dedicated to HOCKEY STUDENTS ONLY!!!

Please research our website to learn more about our new and unique approach to hockey development. Our Coaches offer a fun and exciting blend of coaching and training methods that get the long lasting performance results you want in a Fun, Challenging, and Competitive environment. We encourage you to come by and give us a try. Your first class is FREE!